About me


idur is rudy, rudy is idur. this nickname was found when i arrived in Malang. people talk with turn back some word. well, i was born 1984 in Jakarta. Now, i live in Malang. Try to find out more about my life there. I love agriculture and Information Technology. Connected with so many people is very interesting for me.

My full name is Rudy Rahadian Sutisna. but you can just call me as i mention before, Idur. I’ve been grow up in organizational life. From Elementary school untill graduate from University. Now, im hold bachelor of Agriculture from Brawijaya University.  but somehow, i Learn never end, knowledge never finish.

Well, blog is one of way to share my idea / opinion and my life experiences. We never know, who will be our teacher of life. maybe you maybe the person you hate, maybe your lover, or maybe the nature…

if there is 100 people will change the world i will include, if there is 10 people who will change the world i’ll be the part of it, if there is only 1 person who will change the world, i believe and should be me…(hhehe..pretty cool huh !! :P)

By the way, you can always contact me by:

email : rudyrahadian_at_gmail_dot_com
Yahoo Messenger : clapton_cool_at_yahoo_dot_com

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